The Avenue Wetland

Wetland Design
Year: Construction to start in 2013

This wetland is composed by two sections (east and west) due to its broad extension. It is part of the Ti Tree Creek Drainage System that connects to other wetlands on the area. This self-sustainable system will attract diverse wildlife to the area and it will provide fantastic views to residents and pass-by cars. The adjoining reserves and paths will transform this into an active and vibrant outdoor area for everyone to enjoy.

Victoria (Australia)

1_avenue-coloured-plan_b_.jpg 1_avenue-coloured-plan_b_.jpg

7_site_photos_3.jpg 7_site_photos_3.jpg

5_site_photos.jpg 5_site_photos.jpg

6_site_photos_2.jpg 6_site_photos_2.jpg

2_the-avenue-detail1.jpg 2_the-avenue-detail1.jpg

3_the-avenue-stage17-reserve.jpg 3_the-avenue-stage17-reserve.jpg

4_the-avenue-east-reserve.jpg 4_the-avenue-east-reserve.jpg

7_documentation_plan_a.jpg 7_documentation_plan_a.jpg