The Avenue Estate

Residential Estate Masterplan
Year: 2009 to present time

The Residential Estate is a 940.000m2 development including approximately 870 lots, Park Reserves and a constructed wetland on site. The 72km long avenue of Oak trees act as a main spine of the Estate and imparts a sense of entry in to the Residential Subdivision. The main park is a fantastic asset for residents to enjoy the space in multiple activities. The reserves adjacent to the wetland will also provide a versatile open space for residents.

Victoria (Australia)

1_the-avenue-coloured.jpg 1_the-avenue-coloured.jpg

2_the-avenue-perspectives.jpg 2_the-avenue-perspectives.jpg

3_the-avenue-entry_wall.jpg 3_the-avenue-entry_wall.jpg

4_the-avenue-reserve.jpg 4_the-avenue-reserve.jpg

5a_the-avenue-reserve.jpg 5a_the-avenue-reserve.jpg

5_the-avenue-pergola.jpg 5_the-avenue-pergola.jpg