Genazzano College

Landscape Design
Year: 2012

The project involved extension of an outdoor area, next to the newly constructed auditorium at the Genazzano Secondary College. The site was designed with Timber terraces to create a potential spot to view various sporting activities in the Sports Oval. The Concept provided versatility to the outdoor space so that it acted as a seating space for students  during their lunch breaks and at the same time has a potential to transform itself into a spill over outdoor terrace for the existing Auditorium to conduct outdoor choirs and assemblies.

Victoria (Australia)

1_perspectives.jpg 1_perspectives.jpg

2_coloured-plan.jpg 2_coloured-plan.jpg

3_photos_perspectives.jpg 3_photos_perspectives.jpg

4_photos_perspectivesb.jpg 4_photos_perspectivesb.jpg