Atria Apartments

Landscape Design
Year: 2012

The courtyard of this apartment block is an important feature of the development, since is the only open usable area. The aim of the design was to maximise the use of the area - including tables, chairs, barbecue unit and timber deck area for relaxation, contemplation and gathering; and also to provide a focal point to the apartments overlooking this space. The timber pergola and vast garden bed areas compose the atmosphere of the space with a selective planting pallete to create a pleasant and enjoyable space.

Victoria (Australia)

1_courtyard_perspective.jpg 1_courtyard_perspective.jpg

2_concept_plan.jpg 2_concept_plan.jpg

3_documentation_plan.jpg 3_documentation_plan.jpg

4_paving_plan.jpg 4_paving_plan.jpg

5_pergola_plan.jpg 5_pergola_plan.jpg

6_pergola_perspectives.jpg 6_pergola_perspectives.jpg